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Transcend Develops SD Card with CD-ROM-Like Partition

Last week Transcend launched a set of SD and microSD memory cards that record data in a CD-ROM style partition. This prevents accidental or unauthorized copy, modification and deletion of the stored contents. The only catch is that the data needs to be sent to Transcend first so that it's pre-loaded at the point of manufacture. There's also no way to write new data to the "locked" portion of the cards.

"Exclusive ideas, creations, and artistic work are priceless assets, and essential to future business success," the company said. "Including such materials in marketing campaigns requires an effective data management strategy to not only allow users to view the given content but also avoid possible duplication. As a result, Copy Protection SD/microSD memory cards guarantee protection of important media by storing audio and video files in a read-only partition, in a manner similar to a CD."

According to Transcend, there are two versions of its copy protection solution: locking the entire card to prevent any kind of data manipulation (aka a closed CD), or a partially protected version that allows for space to modify and delete files in addition to the "locked" area. This is ideal for situations like brainstorming new ideas based on specific assets that cannot be copied, deleted or modified.

Still, closing the entire card seems to be the best scenario, preventing the spread of malware while sharing sensitive material to clients. "The inability to write new data offers an extra level of security against a loaded virus, which may destroy files and spread infection to other computers," the company said. "For ease of use, Transcend’s Copy Protection SD/microSD cards have been comprehensively tested for compatibility with most platforms, regardless of the host device software and hardware settings."

Will this be the future of commercial software? This secure format could easily replace the optical version, providing between 2 GB to 64 GB of storage space for the SD form factor and between 2 GB and 16 GB for the microSD form factor. By contrast, a Blu-ray Disc provides 25 GB on a single layer whereas a BDXL disc provides either 100 GB or 120 GB, depending on the disc's file system.

Transcend's Copy Protection SD/microSD cards are backed by the company's limited lifetime warranty. For more information, head here.