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Apple CEO Tim Cook Publicly Apologizes for Apple Maps

Back in June, Apple announced that it would be leaving Google Maps behind when iOS 6 finally launched in the fall. However, when the mobile OS became available for download last Wednesday, many users found the mapping software to be quite bugged. Tim Cook this morning apologized to users for Maps' imperfections via an open letter posted to Apple's website.

Cook gave a similar explanation to the one we heard from an Apple spokesperson last week: That the application will get better with time and use. However, he also said that Apple was 'extremely sorry' for the frustration caused to customers and advised users to download alternatives while they wait for Apple Maps to improve. Bing, MapQuest and Waze were all named as options available via the App Store, however, Cook also highlighted the web versions of Google Maps or Nokia Maps as viable alternatives.

Check out Cook's full letter below:

To our customers,

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