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Mozilla Launches Tool for Learning HTML, CSS

On Monday Firefox launched Thimble, a new tool that simplifies the process of learning HTML and CSS.

According to Mozilla, Thimble is an intuitive visual editor that allows users to write and edit HTML within a browser, preview and correct their work, and then publish and share fully-functional web pages with a single click. It includes a series of starter projects and templates to help novices get started quickly.

In addition to the new editor, the company has also launched a new Mozilla Webmaker website. The new site includes projects to help users make and learn with Thimble, plus other Webmaker tools like Popcorn and the X-Ray Goggles.

"We’ve got great new projects to help you do everything from tweaking your blog template, to making interactive videos, to creating fantastic 3D web pages -- including projects from partners like Tumblr, the London Zoo, the New York Public Library and many others," the company said.

The launch is part of Mozilla's big summer learning campaign, the Mozilla Summer Code Party. The party starts June 23 with a “Global Weekend of Code” and continues throughout the summer. More than 330 Summer Code Party events have been created by community members around the world, Mozilla said.

"It’s a great chance to learn more about coding and how the web works by making something fun with family and friends. You can find an event near you or start your own here," the company said.