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Tagg Tracks Your Pet With GPS, Charges Monthly

Although it certainly isn't the first device of its kind, the Tagg GPS pet tracker offers a low profile solution for your adventurous pet that enjoys wandering around a little too much. Tagg's GPS-equipped collar looks just like any ordinary one which is nice when you compare it to the much less discreet Garmin Astro (opens in new tab). Check out the video below to see Slashgear's hands-on from the recent CES.

Unlike other tracking devices which do little more than offer a GPS location, Tagg comes with a bundle of new features that can definitely offer pet owners some peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their beloved pets. Our favorite is the ability to create virtual barriers for the device that will immediately send out a text message or browser alert whenever the pet steps out of the set barrier.

Tagg owners will be able to track their pets in real time using apps for Android iOS or any internet browser. The collar is also waterproof which is great in case your pet decides to take a dip in the neighbor's swimming pool. If the device starts running low on battery, it'll send an alert to let you know when to plop it back onto its charging station.

Tagg can be purchased from the company's website here for $99. The price includes one tracker, the docking station and a free month of service. Each month afterwards will cost $7.95 for one animal and an additional 95 cents for each additional animal (though you'll have to buy more collars, of course).

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