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T-Mobile UK Cuts G1 Prices

Over the last month or so sales for HTC’s G1 on T-Mobile have been booming. Before the handset even launched CNES reported, citing industry insiders, T-Mobile US rival planned to order between 1.5 and 2 million of the HTC handsets and said that between 400,000 and 500,000 of those would be sold by the New Year.

That said, when all was said and done, presales for the handset exceeded 1.5 million units and the phone shipped a few days early to those who’d placed orders in the run up to the launch date. However, since the launch of the G1, the world has seen a couple of more smartphones hit the market. Most recently Nokia’s N97 (which launched yesterday) and of course, the BlackBerry Storm.

It seems with the release of all these new touchscreen devices, T-Mobile is feeling the heat. Pocket-lint reports that a T-Mobile spokesperson told Mobile: "We have chosen to offer the device free with a £30 contract to make the pricing more competitive in light of recent device launches. We are well on track to achieve our sales forecasts".

The news caused quite a bit of fuss with the people who’d actually signed up with T-Mobile when the Google phone first hit the market and the company has now said that any early adopters who take it upon themselves and complain about the extra £10 will have their contracts altered. Can’t see people not calling up nowadays. Ten quid is ten quid.