World's Most Expensive TV Costs $2,250,000

Stuart Hughes is the company responsible for bringing you the world's most expensive game console -- a Wii containing 2,500 grams of solid 22ct gold with diamond buttons -- and a number of gold-diamond cell phones, including a BlackBerry and an iPhone. SH's latest products are luxury televisions that range from $1.5 million to $2.25 million.

Hughes’ new luxury line starts with two 55-inch TV sets, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose edition and the PrestigeHD Supreme. writes that the PrestigeHD Supreme boasts a base and outer frame done in 22ct gold and encrusted with 48 diamonds with the remaining area set with Aventurine and Topaz. The inner screen bezel is made up from alligator skin and the price tag is roughly $1.5 million.

Even more expensive is the Supreme Rose edition. True to its name, the base outer frame of the Supreme Rose edition are crafted in 28 kilograms of solid 18ct rose gold. The frame contains 72 round cut 1ct diamonds, and left over space is set with Sunstone and Amethyst. The Rose edition gets the alligator treatment too, with hand stitched alligator skin making up the inner bezel. The Rose edition is $2.25 million.

Both of these TVs are manufactured by PrestigeHD using Metz technology. With their sky-high pricetags, these are said to be the most expensive TVs in the world.

(Via BornRich)

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