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Man Confined to Steel Box, Video Streams Online

Throwing a man into a metal box for thirty days seems rather wacked. But then again, astronauts are expected to live in close quarters for a six-month, one-way trip whenever NASA decides to send man to Mars. Still the idea seems disturbing, and curious web surfers can check out a man-in-a-box streaming live to Internet browsers by heading here.

The prisoner in question, Tim Shaw, has no idea of his whereabouts, knowing only that he's somewhere familiar. He can't even come out until someone finds him, or presumably when the thirty days has expired.

The wardrobe-sized box isn't without some furnishings however: he sleeps on a makeshift bed, a few lights are mounted on the "ceiling," and various items are handy to keep his mind somewhat occupied. Two cameras are mounted within the box: one placed over his head and one mounted behind his head. Someone is also feeding him one meal a day.

Apparently there's a contest behind this display of isolation. Anyone in the UK who spots this metal box will win £30k. Someone might need to find this chap rather quick, as TechEYE reports that he's been talking to an egg named Collin, and even pretended to have an interview.

No one has reported seeing Shaw go to the washroom.