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New Stainless Steel Lasts Longer, Resists Bacteria

Stainless steel appliances are just about everywhere these days. Thanks to the material's slick look, easy cleaning and durability, it has become exceptionally popular in our kitchens. Now scientists at the University of Birmingham have claimed to create a new type of stainless steel that is even more durable and bacteria resistant than conventional stainless steel.

By introducing the elements of silver or copper into the steel surface with an Active Screen Plasma system, the team was able to create a stainless steel hybrid metal. Allowing nitrogen and carbon to enter the stainless steel structure, the metal becomes hardened and more resistant to bacteria. This would mean the already easy to clean stainless steel appliances could become even easier to clean.

Aside from making cleaning easier and appliances last longer, this new stainless steel metal could mean less germs being spread around in the kitchen. Outside of the kitchen, this stainless steel could be used to manufacture medical tools that will last longer and continue to maintain antibacterial properties after frequent cleanings. The team has already begun testing the material with medical instruments and is seeing impressive results. To learn more about the team and metal, head on over to the Physorg here.