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Sony to Release Spherical Omnidirectional Speaker

Unveiled at this year's IFA 2011, Sony's SRS-BTV25 and RDP-V20iP are compact spherical devices that boast of Sony's 360° Circle Sound technology that claims to deliver omnidirectional sound through every corner of a room. Sony's SRS model of the device is capable of streaming audio from all Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, walkmans and iPod touch devices. The RDP model is an iPhone / iPod docking station speaker that is controlled with an included remote control.

Both models will be capable of delivering 13W of audio power when plugged in with the AC adapter, but the RDP version will also be able to run for up to five hours on the included Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack. Sony's new devices will also include a 3.5mm audio jack to ensure non-bluetooth and non-apple devices can be enjoyed in omnidirectional sound as well.

Coming in either a black, white, or red color, the RDP-V20iP and SRS-BTV25 measure in at 5.7 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches. Unfortunately, no information on pricing or a release date was given, but we'll be keeping our eyes out for these cool new speakers.