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Sony Expanding PSN: Selling Music, Books, Video

BusinessWeek reports that, at a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, Sony announced plans to launch an online store, similar to the iTunes store. Dubbed the Sony Online Service, the store is said to be based around Sony's PlayStation Network.

However, while Sony is trying to establish its own online store with content available for purchase online, BW reports that Sony is not trying to copy iTunes, rather the company will actively try to differentiate its service from what Apple is already offering.

BusinessWeek reports:

"Users will be able to upload videos shot on camcorders, save photos taken with digital cameras, and post other digital content to their personal online accounts. That's how Google's suite of Net-based services (such as YouTube video-sharing and Picasso photo site) works. At some point down the road, Sony would consider letting independent software developers create applications for the service, much the way Apple does for its iPhone."

Read the full story here.

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