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Massive Solar Tower to Power Las Vegas at Night

SolarReserve, a developer of large-scale solar power projects announced earlier this year that it has completed the central piece in its Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project. The company finished construction of its 540-foot solar tower that will deliver 110 megawatts of energy with approximately 10 hours of storage. When completed, the project is estimated to power 75,000 homes during its peak electricity periods.

Over the remaining course of the project's construction, a massive field of 10,000 sun-tracking mirrors the size of billboards will be built around the tower. These heliostats will reflect sunlight onto a 100-foot receiver located on top of  the tower, storing energy with the tower's advanced molten salt storage system. 

According to the company, the Crescent Dunes Solar Project will expend over $10 million per year in salaries and operating costs. The project will officially be ready sometime in late 2013, until then head on over to SolarReserve's webpage for more information and updates on progress.