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Solar Powered Streetlamps Feature Trash Bins

Designed by Li-Te Lo, Song-Jung Chen, Tai-Yen Lee, Chun-Wei Hsu and Cheng-Yu Tsai, this simple street lighting concept features an award winning blend of eco-friendly solar power and waste disposal. Utilizing solar panels to gather energy throughout the day, these street lamps run on solar energy while keeping the streets clean with their conveniently integrated trash bins.

With several different, color coded trash bins to ensure all different kinds of trash or recycling products get placed in their proper places, the City Context concept provides both an aesthetically pleasing effect along with its environmentally friendly results. Assigned garbage collectors will be able to remove and replace the trash bins using a magnetic card to ensure there is no tampering. The City Context is a simple, effective way to reduce garbage on the streets but may face problems with implementation. As green as the concept may be, it could be very costly to replace enough street lamps in a city to even have any measurable effect.