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Wearable Sleeping Bag Gives the Snuggie a Run For Its Money

Are you feeling a bit chilly this winter? If you aren't a big fan of room heaters or their bills, Poler's Napsack could be the perfect solution to all of your frosty woes. In what appears to be the lovechild between a sleeping bag and a Snuggie, the Napsack offers a large collection of practical uses that are sure to keep you warm and comfortable.

Whether you are going camping, attending a slumber party or sitting in your room reading Tom's articles, the Napsack is perfect.

In addition to all of its convenient zippers and cinches, the Napsack also comes with multiple pockets, one of which has a pass through hole to keep your headphones inside and your mp3 device or phone in the pocket. The Napsack comes in an orange or black color with sizes medium or large. You can order your own directly from Poler's website here for the cost of $130.