82-inch Multitouch E-board Begs for Your Fingers

If anything, Samsung's 82-inch 650TSn "e-board" could change the way teachers communicate with students in the classroom. Just in appearance alone, this $12,300 device could replace the modern chalkboard by providing a multitouch whiteboard functionality.

The "e-board" also makes overhead projectors obsolete, allowing the teacher to connect the device to a PC or Mac and display the computer's desktop. NexGadget reports that the 650TSn even displays contents from Samsung ebook readers using their new "emoLink" technology, making it ideal for displaying electronic textbooks and other educational literature.

The video below, provided in German, shows the device in action: the presenter writes on the whiteboard with a stylus as if using markers and poster board. He grabs a thumbnail-sized image from a smaller window, drags it out onto the whiteboard, and then re-sizes the image by dragging a corner with the same stylus.

The video below also shows its capabilities of making changes to a presentation in real-time, allowing the user to alter a drawing on the 650TSn while the changes also takes place on a connected laptop at the same time.

Currently the 82-inch 650TSn is making its rounds at various trade shows, with the latest spotting during the company's "digital classroom" Roadshow in Germany. Not much is actually known about this touchscreen display, however Samsung said that it will also ship a smaller 65-inch model on an unspecified date.

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