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These Ringtones from Japan Can Clean Your Nose

Ever wake up in a fresh Spring morning to find your nose so full of unwanted stuff that it's a wonder you didn't suffocate overnight? According to a report from Asiajin, Japan Ringing Tone Laboratory (JRTL) has discovered a way to rid humans of that annoying snottiness by using a mobile phone and special ringtones.

The collection, called "Haba Sukkiri Melody," will make the nose resonate at the same frequency with pollens adherent inside your nasal cavity. Eventually the ringtones-- using 27 variations of frequency from 420 Hz to 1070 Hz-- will force the pollens to fall right out of your nose.

JRTL's ringtone suite can be accessed by heading here via the Index Corporation of Japan. JRTL is also developing other ringtones to help with sleeplessness, scaring crows, beautifying skin, and dating skills.

Go figure.