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Quattrogiga Journal Features USB Key

For the artsy tech enthusiasts that like to write or doodle, this stylish new journal, The Quattrogiga, is perfect. Handcrafted by Pinetti in Italy, this journal is made by leather and includes a nifty USB key that allows users to keep their digital work close to their physical artwork. With the Quattrogiga, artists will be able to carry around digitalized versions of their artwork all in the comfort of their journal.

Available in a smaller and a larger size, the Quattrogiga features refillable blank pages that ensures you an eternity of drawing and writing fun. The journal's usb key comes from a detachable silicone strap that holds the journal closed and stores up to 4gb of data. For those who want a personalized touch, the Quattrogiga also comes with an option for personalized embossing, perfect for gifting.