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PlayStation Move Will Turn You Into a Mii Killer

We're just a couple of days away from PlayStation Move launch day (that's this Sunday if you've been snoozing and forgot to mark your calendars), and just in the nick of time, comes this weird and whacky advertisement for Sony's new motion sensing peripheral.

After launching an entire website to make fun of the fact that Microsoft's Kinect has no buttons, Sony is taking aim at its other rival, Nintendo. This commercial isn't quite as clever as, but it gets its "Wii sucks, Move rocks" message across quite nicely.

Will you be buying Move on Sunday, or will you remain loyal to your Wii for a little bit longer? Let us know in the comments below!

(via Engadget)

  • Gin Fushicho
    Cool commercial. Makes it look like an almighty mystical weapon.

    But yeah, I think I'll save my money, just not enough games use it.
  • eklipz330
    sony is not catching up. they can try and try, but they will not catch up. if by any chance, they catch up to wii sales, nintendo will have another console out, with another ingenious gimmick and will have sold millions by the time sony is playing catchup.

    also, i've heard it has trouble tracking fast movements quickly.
    kinect can't be terrible if it works, even with a little lag... but i doubt there will ever be any hardcore games for it... i forsee dancing and boxing games for years to come
  • reprotected
    What the heck just happened?
  • invlem
    honestly i havent used my Wii in months, I doubt the move would make a difference to me...

    Motion was neat for a bit, but I still prefer the regular game controller or a keyboard/mouse
  • johnny_5
    reprotectedWhat the heck just happened?Yeah, too someone who doesn't already know about the Move this commercial will just confuse them.
    I like the idea of the Move, much more precise than a Wiimote (well, without motion-plus anyways) and with better buttons. Don't think I'll buy it any time soon though, I just haven't been gaming that much recently. There are tonnes of seemingly great games I haven't gotten around to playing.
    Not a very Move-ing commercial. Mii not sad. Kinect FTW!
  • mkyam
    Should have named it Playstation Bulb. Light Bulb. Fire the controller designer please, it sucks.
  • DjEaZy
    ... but with Wii it waz pioneered... and sony is just rude... it is not nice to visual kill off innovation source... you respect it... and maybe make it better...
  • suisenbenjo
    johnny_5Yeah, too someone who doesn't already know about the Move this commercial will just confuse them.I already know about the move and I still am confused about this. What point are they making exactly? I thought the "yaybuttons" add was clever and made a good point but this? I don't get it.
  • skervy
    if people read stuff before they complain you would know the bulb is there for the tracking. sonys problem was making the system to good which resulted in a crappy high starting price. the only thing they will need to catch up with is sales but hardware wise they dont need a next gen console. what will the next nintendo or xbox do add in bluray built in wireless and free online play? oh thats right ps3 already has it all and they dont break left and right like crapbox. who here can say they still have a working original xbox or 360? i cant remember a single playstation among my friend group that has failed without physical damage :P. xbox on the otherhand i cant think of a single one that hasnt been repaired or replaced. nintendo just goes out of style to fast 64 and gamecube were fun at first but then meh. wii is already getting there sure its fun for kids and little get togethers but how often do you find yourself zoned out on nintendo for hours on end outside of mario or zelda