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Ouya Devs Deny Seeking Alternative Sources of Funding

Indie console Ouya, now sitting on $5 million in funds, is clearly the latest Kickstarter darling. However, for all the praise that Ouya is getting, it's catching a fair share of flak from critics who are dubious of what Ouya promises to bring to the table.

The most recent criticisms being slung around include comments that Ouya founder Julie Uhrman made about the Ouya's funding in an interview. She stated that though Ouya does have a Kickstarter, the company was also looking for alternative sources of funding, which didn't exactly inspire confidence with its Kickstarter donors.

Today, the company put out a statement declaring the opposite; Ouya would not be looking for additional funds outside of Kickstarter:

"Let me be clear, Ouya is not seeking additional funding outside of Kickstarter. Our priority now is to continue to focus on building a great game console while engaging in our ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Our intent in going to Kickstarter was to raise money that would take us from functional prototype to product on the market.

From the interview, it seems pretty clear that the statement the company issued retracted what Uhrman had said on the record. However, the context of the interview is important. Apparently, the interview had taken place before the Ouya went live on Kickstarter, making it understandable why Uhrman was still weighing the option of taking the project to venture capitalists.