VIDEO: Nokia Uses the Lumia 900 to Hammer Nails

These days, cell phones do more than just make phone calls and send SMS messages. Really, it's not fair to call these multi-tools 'phones' when they're capable of so much more. The phones of today allow you to email, online bank, take pictures and videos, share content with friends, play games, and video chat and manufacturers are introducing new features all the time. In fact, this past weekend, Nokia posted a video showcasing the Lumia 900's abilities as a hammer.

"The [Lumia 900] is constructed of a unibody polycarbonate shell that can withstand drops, scrapes and dings. On the face of the phone, you’ll find Gorilla Glass from Corning that is really tough," said Nokia's Jason Harris.

"Our quality engineers wanted to put the quality of the Lumia 900 to the test and created this video. You can see a hammer and nails being applied to the screen and even using the Lumia 900 as a hammer. And through all this, the screen looks great."

Check the video below:

It's been over a year since Nokia announced its intention to make Windows Phone the company's primary smartphone OS. In that time, we've seen the launch of a handful of Windows Phone devices, including the Lumia 900, Nokia's flagship Windows phone. The Lumia 900 has been available in the United States for a couple of months now, and just recently launched in Europe.

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