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Stop Smoking with Nintendo Wii

According to Siliconera, Nintendo plans to release a WiiWare app that aims to help Wii console owners quit smoking. Called Easy Stop Smoking (Raku Raku Kinen in Japan), the app is based on a book written by Mayumi Abe, a physician at the Women's Medical University Hospital in Tokyo, and is expected to hit the WiiWare network next week.

Siliconera said that consumers choose a Mii character after the application loads, and then can select various modes--smoking and non-smoking were the two mentioned-- that records smoking frequencies, offers a seven-day plan to kick the habit and more. The app also provides a multiplayer mode, and supports up to four smoking journals.

Developer Silver Star, the company behind Silver Star Chess (published by Agetec here in the States), said that families can support each other by running the program together in the same manner as WiiFit. The company did not reveal when the game would hit the U.S. network, nor if Agetec plans on picking up the publishing rights.

Easy Stop Smoking isn't the first "stop smoking" title for a Nintendo product. Ubisoft's My Stop Smoking with Allen Carr is currently available for the Nintendo DS, a part of the company's My Coach Lifestyle games category. The self-help title hit the stores back in November 2008.

  • mlcloud
    And why do I feel that the wii is slowly venturing away from actual video-gaming...
  • Rouke
    @Mlcloud: that's exactly what I thought when I saw this
  • theubersmurf
    They should port it to PC.
  • alvine
    uh its called throw your cigs away and you will gain weight (appetite). I'm not smoking for 2 weeks now :c
  • megamanx00
    .... um ... I'm gonna go play wolverine and staby things now.
  • twisted politiks
    just another attempt to make money off the people who the tobacco company/government are already taking money from. i bet that the tobacco company funds this Wiiapp, to get people to stop smoking, while the Wiiapp funds the tobacco company to get people to start smoking, or take up smoking again, just so they can both live happily with their billions of dollars of "blood" money :)
  • stridervm
    I wish there was more info in how it could actually help stop smoking rather than explain game features, but then there's other gaming focused websites for that. :)
  • downer88
    Didn't think Japan had a smoking problem. Last I heard it was illegal in Japan for minors to smoke in public, and no one is allowed to walk and smoke at the same time!
  • Shadow703793
    This has got to be one of the most EPIC uses for the Wii yet. What's next? Wii P0rn?
  • tayb
    mlcloudAnd why do I feel that the wii is slowly venturing away from actual video-gaming...
    It is a WiiWare App. Akin to saying Microsoft is slowly venturing away from actual video-gaming because they offer netflix streaming. Just doesn't make any sense. I get that you don't like the Wii because it doesn't appeal to "hard core" gamers who care only about graphics and not game play but try turning down the dial. Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii with Wii Motion Plus is exponentially more fun than Tiger Woods on the 360 even with the shiny graphics.