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VIDEO: A Walk-through of Nintendo's Wii U Controller

Nintendo's Wii console certainly shook things up when it launched in November of 2006. Now, the Wii U, with its unique tablet gamepad, looks to do the same. The idea is that players will use the buttons on the sides of the tablet to game on the big screen while the smaller touchscreen panel on the controller itself will be used to display maps, weapons, or other content related to the game the user is currently playing.

Though the console won't be launching until the end of the year, Nintendo has been drumming up excitement for the Wii U since June of last year. The Wii U was first shown at E3 2011 and Nintendo has an updated design at E3 2012, which is taking place this week. To keep us interested, Nintendo has released a walk-through video of the Wii U tablet controller as well as a second, longer video that looks at the console, controller, the hardware powering the Wii U and the games that you'll be able to play when it launches. Check them both out below!

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