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Nintendo's Black Wii for $334

DCEmu is reporting that gamers wanting to get their hands on the ultra-cool Black Wii can now do so by importing it through For $333.87 USD, Nintendo fans receive both the console and Wiimote in a glossy black finish (link). Granted the package doesn't contain any additional features like a Mario hat or an "I Own the Black Wii" T-Shirt, the fact that the Black Wii is unavailable in the U.S. makes the higher price worth the splurge.

In addition to the console, is also selling black versions of the Wiimote for $52, the Nunchuck for $25.16, and the Classic Controller for $31.87.

So why isn't this version coming to the U.S.? Nintendo really didn't provide a specific answer when questioned back on July 15, stating only that the company holds no plans to have other colors of Wii in the States. With that said, is providing a means for fanboys to bypass Nintendo altogether and show fellow Wii buddies who's boss.

For Nintendo fans living in Japan, the Black Wii goes on sale August 1.