Launch Weekend: Nintendo DSi Reviewed

The release of Nintendo's DS in 2004 marked a rebirth for the brand. Long relegated to the background because of Sony's supremacy in the home-gaming console market, Nintendo carved out a space for itself by outfitting its new handheld console with a touch screen.

Taking on the casual-gaming market

The new handheld console ushered in a different way of gaming. Its two displays, which recalled the old Nintendo multi-screen Game and Watch, multiplied the possibilities. Building on that diversity, the game library gradually opened up to a new type of audience. Late in 2005, Nintendogsa kind of canine Tamagotchi–was released. It's an extremely simple game aimed primarily at non-gamers. This first title in the Touch! Generations line was an unqualified success. A few months later, Dr. Kawashima arrived on the DS scene with Brain Age. The game quickly became popular and can be played by anyone from age seven to 77, according to the company. Nintendo had then succeeded in gaining casual-gaming market share for consoles.

100 million DS units sold... and now the DSi

Two versions of the DS have been released so far. The initial version showed no real effort at refined visual design and was nicknamed the DS Fat. In mid-2006, its design was reworked and released under the “Lite” name. The new handheld was thinner and totally sleek, making it an object that could easily be slipped into a bag or purse. Four years after its launch, the DS is still riding high on the charts. As a matter of fact, it’s the best-selling console in the world, with 100 million units sold.

Today, Nintendo is determined to keep the run going with the launch of the DSi, the third version of its portable console. But is it a future success or just a courtesy update? To find out, Tom’s Guide put it through its paces before the release set for midnight April 5.

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  • kyeana
    Good right up
  • kyeana
    Since we know that the Wii can now be pirated through its SD slot using a vulnerability in Zelda

    Does anyone have a link to an article about this? My curiosity has been spiked:P
  • ailgatrat
    What's with the Last page being nothing but a link to stupid Ads that have nothing (as opposed to "more on this subject") to do with the story? Geez...aren't there enough already embedded in each of these pages?
  • Anonymous
    Thank you so much, but I stay with my beloved PSP!
    And I tell you: I really don't care how much more units had Nintendo sold in comparison to PSP...
    That's just due the price difference (or at least it was...)
    PSP always had a better graphical quality thanks to its ONLY ONE screen and was (is) a PMP right out of the box since its first version... (as everybody alrealdy knows - Yeah, I know that but it had to be said...)
    PSP 4 Ever!
  • flightmare
    kyeanaDoes anyone have a link to an article about this? My curiosity has been spiked

    It is known as the Twilight Hack, it's been around for a long time.
  • my_name_is_earl
    Wow, even he PSP seem like a good deal now. Anyway I pre-order mine and should arrive any minute now... any minute :(
  • pochacco007
    the elimination of the gba port means that nintendo has killed the gameboy series, which is good because now there exists a new product line, the ds series. the gba served as a bridge for gba owners to shift to the ds system and it worked as there are now 100 million ds systems that have been sold.

    it is not competing with the psp. the psp's competition is the ipod's series of products. the psp is a multimedia device and the ipod is a multimedia device. but the dsi isn't a multimedia device.
  • Tindytim
    I still don't understand what this is.

    It's a revamp of the previous console, with more issues, lost functionality, and even more gimmicks added on?

    Nintendo is doing it's best to piss me off. I'm going with a PSP.
  • Anonymous
    I'm with Tindytim on this.

    If Nintendo kills the DS Lite and makes the DSi the defacto DS, then I will go with the PSP. The DSi is nothing but a bid to grab more money. You'd think selling 100 million+ units would be enough for them to do something to give back to that loyalty and enthusiasm(like listen to their fans/users and release more A+ titles!!), but nooooo, we get this craptastic update (a 0.3 megapixel camera?!? on a $170 handheld?! WTH?!)

    I'm seriously hoping that the rumor of a 4th version of the PSP with a slide-out touchscreen isn't a rumor and Sony brutally takes back most of the handheld market share. The loads of shovelware and poor quality big name titles (Zelda Phantom Hourglass ugh...,etc.) is bad enough, but this?....

  • Anonymous
    I don't care whether a GBA slot is their or not. I never play GBA games. FULL STOP.

    I'm not moving to another handheld either ... MARIO KART IS TOO GOOD.