Think the 3DS is Expensive? Blame E3 Attendees

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Nintendo held an event for the 3DS yesterday and announced pricing, release dates and specs for the handheld. Despite all the interesting things Nintendo had to say about the device, a lot of people just couldn't get past the price. The company put a 25,000 yen ($300) price tag on its newest handheld and a lot of people (including most of our commenters) felt that it was just too high. Want to know why it's so expensive? Because we all got so excited when it was revealed at E3.

Reports based on a Japanese article from Bloomberg Japan say that Nintendo president Iwata Satoru yesterday attempted to explain the high price of the 3DS to analysts by highlighting the positive response the device got at its unveiling. The president apparently said that the hugely positive response to the 3DS at Nintendo's E3 keynote was one of the contributing factors in determining the high price of the handheld console.

Though it's depressing to think that our excitement was partly to blame for the high price, it's important to remember that its not unusual for a DS to sell for more in Japan than in America; the DSi launched at 18,900 yen ($226 today) but sold for $170 in the United States. So let's give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt and assume, as commenter Fracture guesstimates, that the company will charge stateside customers somewhere between $229 and $249 for the 3DS. A more reasonable price, but still not cheap.

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Source: Andriasang via PC World