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Factory Worker Leaks Hi-Res 3DS Shots, Video

A sneaky worker at one of Nintendo's factories has supposedly leaked high-resolution screenshots by smuggling a unit off the assembly lines and taking it home to shoot tons of nudies. Once the worker's images went live on this forum, the thread was quickly removed, however that didn't stop the new 3DS screens from spreading across the Internet like a bad case of termites.

As seen in the images, the "stolen" 3DS is actually the "Cosmo Black" model. Sharp eyes have pointed out that the device sports a different texture than what's seen in prior photos, and the "Select," "Home" and Start" buttons have apparently been flattened to sit flush with the touchscreen's border. We're also given up-close-and-personal views of the device's buttons and ports, including the SD card slot bay.

An additional batch of screens and a video surfaced shortly after the first initial group. These offer insight into its physical size in comparison to the Nintendo DS Lite and the original bulky Nintendo DS. They also reveal some of the elusive hardware specs including 96 MB of RAM and a 1300 mAh battery. Ultimately the 3DS size seems on par with the Nintendo DS Lite, perhaps just slightly shorter in width-- both the 3DS and DS Lite are obviously shorter in width than the Nintendo DSi.

To check out the galleries, head here, here and here. We've also swiped the leaked video and pasted it below. The Nintendo 3DS is slated to make a North American appearance next month, followed by a proposed retail launch in March.