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Netflix Announces Facebook Integration for Users

Netflix today announced the introduction of Facebook integration for U.S. users. Dubbed Netflix Social, this integrated Facebook support has been available to Netflix customers elsewhere in the world for quite some time. Now, the company is bringing the social sharing feature home.

Netflix Social will allow users to share their favorite Netflix shows and movies with friends by connecting to Facebook and agreeing to share. The streaming company says that by default, sharing will only happen on Netflix and users will see what their friends have watched and their four and five star ratings in special 'Watched by your friends' and 'Friends' Favorites' panels. Of course, it goes both ways, and your friends will also be able to see what you've watched and which movies and TV shows you've awarded high ratings.

Obviously, you might not want your friends knowing about everything you watch, and Netflix wouldn't want an all or nothing approach to put people of. As such, there is the a 'Don't Share This' button in the player and you turn off sharing to Facebook at any time via the Social Settings tab under 'Your Account.'

Netflix Social is being rolled out to U.S. users over the next few days. Keep an eye out for it on your own account.

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  • rantoc
    Crapbook integration everywhere, what about us who don't like that chunk'o'junk!?
  • SirGCal
    Is this supposed to be a good thing? I suspended all of my facebook activity a LONG time ago. Not taking that malware and their permissions. Really tired of seeing 'integration' everywhere...
  • mikenygmail
    Great, now I'm ashamed to watch more "Last Night Comedy" movies! :)
  • mikenygmail
    Correction: Great, now I'm ashamed to watch more "LATE NIGHT COMEDY" movies! :)
  • LePhuronn
    rantocCrapbook integration everywhere, what about us who don't like that chunk'o'junk!?
    Turn the setting off. No big deal.
  • koga73
    Gawd please no more Facebook!
  • kouper
    oh noes a company is trying to take advantage of free publicity and people's own narcissism by connecting to a different multibillion dollar company!!!! This has never happened before we will all die! oh my gawds i'm gonna have to find the little option to turn it off, so much work for me!!!!!

    Seriously people, chill. It's something you have the option to use or not and can easily turn off. It's ok though, keep calm and panic on.
  • dalethepcman
    "Facebook wasn't bad, until my mother send me a friend request..."

    IMO facebook is more of an addiction for many people. I am constantly seeing people that cannot seem to go a day without posting to their facebook/twitter pages. Facebook has in a sense de-socialized these people, as they now favor Virtual friends, goods, likes over human interaction, and appear physically agitated if they can't "get their fix."

    Imagine if all the time spent playing Farmville, was instead spent learning how to actually grow plants in a community garden. Facebook had potential to change the world for the better, but it doesn't appear to be their agenda.