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Microsoft Patent Points to Glasses, Helmet for Xbox, Phones

Not too long ago, word got out that Google was working on a pair of Android-powered glasses. The news came alongside word that Apple was also working on wearable technology. Now it looks as though Microsoft is also dipping a toe into the world of tech attire with. According to a patent uncovered by Patent Bolt, Redmond has been toying with the idea of a gaming helmet for use with the Xbox since September of 2010.

The patent details a helmet that would couple up with your console and display images and a pair of sunglasses that would be worn while paired with your smartphone, or MP3 player. Microsoft's patent for such devices talks about a projector and laser solution that would form images in a focal plane that's more than a few centimeters away from the eye. 

Though it's just a patent (and we all know how often patents go unused for years after they're filed), we're actually tentatively confident that this one might see some use in the not too distant future. After all, if Google and Apple are working on wearable technology, we can't imagine Microsoft will stay out of the game for long.

Check out the full patent here.

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