Microsoft Adds Kinect Facial Recognition in SDK Update

While many gamers would scoff at the Kinect, they can’t deny that the device is innovative. The Kinect’s technology, especially because of Microsoft’s support, has been used in sectors beyond gaming.

Microsoft’s releasing the v1.5 Kinect for Windows SDK update soon, which will unlock a host of new features on the motion control sensor. Besides improved skeletal tracking that allows the Kinect to track users that are sitting down, and speech recognition options that offer different language packs including the different regions of accents for English, the Kinect will feature face tracking capabilities. With the update, the Kinect will be able to map a user’s face to fit a 3D mesh to track facial features and head positioning.

It’ll be interesting to see if and how this update will play a role in Kinect gaming and the Xbox Live dashboard. Will facial tracking be advanced enough to process your mood so that your avatar will finally be able to truly reflect what you’re feeling? More importantly, will we finally be able to play Fruit Ninja Kinect sitting down?

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  • john_4
    They want to know who they are monitoring.
  • Lord Captivus
    john_4They want to know who they are monitoring.

    Gotta love conspiracy theories!!
  • redyellowblueblast
    People still use this thing?