Report: Microsoft Testing WP8 on Dual-Core CPU for Sprint

Just a couple of days ago, we heard that Samsung was committed to launching Windows Phone 8 handsets before the end of the year. The company said at Mobile World Congress that it planned to release Windows Phone 8 devices when the platform became available, something that is scheduled to happen at the end of this year. Today we're on the receiving end of yet more news regarding Windows Phone 8. The latest reports say that Microsoft is currently busy testing a dual-core Snapdragon solution for Sprint.

According to the Verge, Microsoft engineers have started testing Qualcomm's dual-core 1.5GHz S4 system-on-chip to ensure it's ready for "at least one Windows Phone 8 handset due later this year." Verge sources say Sprint is interested in a Windows Phone 8 device running the S4 and has talked to Nokia about its LTE specifications. Sprint is said to be so eager to get a Windows Phone 8 device for its repertoire, that it's rumored to have decided not to launch any more Windows handsets until WP8 becomes available.

Windows Phone 8, also known as 'Apollo' is the follow on to Windows Phone 7.5. According to Paul Thurrott, Windows Phone 8 will be based on the Windows 8 kernel (as opposed to the Windows CE current versions of Windows Phone are based on) and Microsoft will launch Windows Phone 8 close to Windows 8. Word has it that the new mobile OS will offer more choices for hardware including support for multicore processors, new screen resolutions, and removable microSD card storage.

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  • de5_Roy
    why is wp 8 being called 'apollo'? that is way off of 'mango'.
    or is it like when someone yells 'MANGOOOO!!' and you gotta answer 'APOLLOOO'...
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, but will current Mango devices be upgraded to Apollo when it's released? Nobody seems to be saying!
  • Anonymous
    I think mango is sweet which gives customers a good chance to try new platform. Then we dance tango everywhere, expand more customer base around the world. Finally, time to boost sales with apollo, launching to new levels of satisfation.

    Hehe not sure if i'm right about that.