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Razer Says It Has ''World's First' MMO Keyboard

Tuesday Razer revealed the "world's first" MMO gaming keyboard called the Razer Anansi. The company said that the new keyboard shares the same design philosophy as its Naga gaming mice line, cramming a load of MMO-specific functions and features into the peripheral including dedicated thumb modifier keys and macro capabilities.

Obviously this isn't be your typical PC keyboard, offering gamers over one hundred programmable "Hyperesponse" keys with on-the-fly macro recording. Seven thumb modifier keys allow users to perform seven times more commands and abilities than the current twelve ability keys assigned to the average keyboard. Users can even store up to twenty profiles and shift through them using a one-button profile switch.

"The Razer Anansi gaming keyboard is the new weapon of choice for MMO gamers," said Robert "RazerGuy" Krakoff, president, Razer USA. "Let's face it, the regular keyboard that came with your PC was designed and built for typing, not for MMO gaming. With its revolutionary seven thumb modifier keys, every key combination that you had before is now multiplied by seven times. The Razer Anansi allows you to use every spell, ability or custom macro in your arsenal--both instantly and in complete comfort."

Razer's Anansi sports other features including sixteen million color backlight illumination, five additional gaming keys, an option to deactivate the Windows key, minimized ghosting and more. The keyboard was also designed to be used seamlessly with the twelve-button mouse keypad on the Razer Naga and Naga Epic MMO gaming mice.

The Razer Anansi is expected to go retail in December for $99.99 here in the States and euro $99.99 over in Europe.