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Watch a Lizard Play a Touchscreen Game With Its Tongue

We've seen small children play with touchscreen devices with little or no problems, and there are even cat games for entertaining your feline friends, but lizards like to play games too, even if they can't use their little feet as input devices.

Check out this video uploaded to YouTube by user 'ThatSpecialGuy.' The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Australian Philip Gith, the man behind the username, filmed his bearded dragon 'Crunch' playing a bug squishing game on his phone. Gith says he has another bearded dragon, but it's not as interested in the game as Crunch.

Gith says he's had all sort of people contact him about the video, including the from the folks at Good Morning America. He says that other people on YouTube have posted video responses that show them trying to get their dragon to do the same thing to no avail.

Check out the cute little critter below: