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Kindle Owners Older and Richer Than iPad Owners

The Kindle and the iPad are both extremely popular. Amazon and Apple have sold millions of these devices and would be the first to say they are perfect for any age group. However, a recent survey by Nielsen shows us that while people of all ages own these gadgets, certain people are buying them more than others.

Nielsen recently conducted a study of 5,000 people who already own a tablet, ebook reader, netbook, media player or smartphone and found that, despite the iPad's higher price tag, Kindle users are richer than those willing to fork out for an iPad. According to Nielsen's survey, 44 percent of them make more than $80,000/year compared to 39 percent of iPad owners and 37 percent of iPhone owners.

Nielsen also found that iPad owners tend to be younger and male; 65 percent of iPad owners are male, while 63 percent are under the age of 35. When it comes to the genders of Kindle owners, it's nearly half and half, with 52 percent of owners being male, and 48 percent being female.

Nielsen also mentioned that Kindle owners are better educated with 27 percent having Master's degrees or doctorates, but failed to give any statistic for iPad owners.

Check out Nielsen's blog for more statistics.

  • toastninja17
    ...ok? This doesn't seem like terribly useful information, but interesting.
  • KingArcher
    ...ok? This doesn't seem like terribly useful information, but interesting

    It is useful for program developers. They could design programs that are intended for those majority.
  • dxwarlock
    "Nielsen also mentioned that Kindle owners are better educated"
    they needed a survey to discover this?
  • victorintelr
    Nielsen also mentioned that Kindle owners are better educated
    Well...keep in mind that iPad users rather go on facebook, e-mail, and other internet related tasks, or gaming than pure reading.
  • mlopinto2k1
    This is nonsensical. Kindle should have media for all age groups if it's to replace books in the future, which is it's obvious objective. To use this information to "gear" developers towards what "sells" more is ridiculous. What ever happened to learning and expanding our minds? Is it always going to be about money?
  • feeddagoat
    doesn't surprise me about professionals having kindle. Its an excellent device for reading information. My mate got a 3g kindle just for his thesis for putting text books on and looking up sources. While ipad can do this, and well I might add, the kindle screen is far better for looking at for longer periods, isn't as reflective and is easier to hold for longer periods. I can see how those things can benefit other groups highlighted in the survey.

    Personally I see the ipad as a more "techy" and "trend" device than a professional tool. Kindle was marketed for purely books rather than an alternative to netbooks/smartphones. It shouldn't be a surprise the results of the survey based on that.
  • goodegg
    This is a silly comparison. The Kindle is an electronic book reader. The iPad is a whole bunch of things, one being a book reader. They're in completely different price point zip codes. Why would anyone compare the users of each? It makes sense that the Kindle owner would be older and the iPad would be younger.
  • NeeKo
    Not surprising. Not like they will have a lot of money after buying an iPad from the iMoneyrobbingmachine that Apple is!
  • molo9000
    Only makes sense that people who read books are more intelligent, older and richer.
  • Darkv1
    Not really that surprising. The Kindle is more of an elegant, minimalist device that serves one main purpose...being an e-reader. The iPad is a multifunction internet tablet...and don't forget that it's "trendy" as well so the masses will flock to it whether they really need one or not...