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$175,000 Projector Displays 4K Resolution

Looking to set up that movie theater out in the garage? Movie buffs might want to set aside 21 feet of wall space and possibly apply for a bank loan, especially if the hardware specs of JVC's new DLA-RS4000 LCD projector is looking rather tasty. Sure, a 10 megapixel, 4,096 x 2,400 resolution could even make cheesy 80s horror movies look rather glamorous, however the hefty $175,000 price tag that accompanies this hi-def projector may cause movie buffs to choke on their popcorn.

JVC revealed the high-end "home" cinema projector today at the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, showing consumers it's high-def goodness at the Omni Hotel North Tower. While the device projects images 4 times that of standard HD, it can also display movies and whatnot on four screens simultaneously, all in full HD or WUXGA resolution. The projector is also ISF and THX certified.

JVC's official press release states that the DLA-RS4000 provides 3500 ANSI lumens from a Xenon lamp that can be adjusted in eight steps. "In addition, new Wire Grid polarizers in the optical engine that minimize light leakage are combined with new liquid crystal technology and a novel liquid crystal orientation to significantly reduce off-state light, resulting in a 10,000:1 native contrast ratio," the company said.

While we're wondering why anyone would rather purchase a $175,000 HD projector than say... a brand new sports car, it's a sure bet that hooking this device up to a PC or a current-gen console would provide some awesome, mind-blowing gaming. Salivating fans with that kind of cash stored in the Master Chief piggy bank will have to wait until next month to get their hands on this high-end, high-priced gadget.