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Instagram Terms of Service Controversy Prompts Class Action Suit

Instagram was quick to backpedal last week in response to user outrage after its term of service agreement was altered to be interpreted in a way that would allow the photo-sharing service to sell user posted pictures.

The terms of service controversy irked California Instagram user Lucy Funes so much that she filed a lawsuit in San Francisco federal court against the service. According to Finkelstein & Krinsk, the law firm representing Funes, customers can refuse Instagram's terms of service, at the cost of losing their profile and the rights to the photos they've posted to the site. "In short, Instagram declares that 'possession is nine-tenths of the law and if you don't like it, you can't stop us,'" states the complainant.

Reuters pointed out that the new terms of service allows bars users from suing the company. However, the new terms of service isn't set to kick in until next month, hence why Funes is able to file the suit now.

Facebook has released the following statement in response to the litigation: "We believe this complaint is without merit and we will fight it vigorously."



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