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Hulu Rolls Out Video Player Redesign

Video streaming service Hulu has completely revamped the design of its video interface.

The new interface is streamlined for ease of use. Features such as closed captions, pop-out player, and quality buffer have all been put into one place.

A new 10-second rewind button has been added just in case you missed a line or two. Face matching has also been implemented, allowing you to hover over actors' faces as you're watching TV or a movie to see their real name, a short biography, and the character they're playing.

If you're feeling like watching something else, Hulu's also implemented an "Up Next" button. When you hover over it, you can choose related content to watch without needing to leave the player.

Though the original Hulu interface wasn't cluttered or ugly by any means, the new one is pretty slick and easier to navigate.

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