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Government Launches Tool to Track IT Spending

Just because it's not getting the same press it was getting a few months back, that doesn't mean America's economic problems have vanished into thin air. As a result, the American people want to know how much money the government is spending and on what. Enter the IT dashboard, an online tool that tracks every dime of IT spending across all government agencies.

Announced yesterday by U.S. CTO, Vivek Kundra at the Personal Democracy Forum conference on technology and politics. "Everyone knows there have been spectacular failures when it comes to technology investments," Kundra said, according to the Washington Post. "Now for the first time the entire country can see how we're spending money and give us input."

The dashboard allows regular citizens to monitor how much is being spent on certain projects but also how much was estimated for each project. In other words, you can see where the government is spending more money on a project than it originally thought it would.

Check out the tool here and if you're confused, the FAQ is actually offers a pretty decent understanding of how the whole thing works.