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Google +1 Social Toolbar Spotted, Photoed

TechCrunch acquired a possible legitimate screenshot of Google's social toolbar dubbed as Google +1. Formerly known as Google Me, Emerald Sea and whatnot, the upcoming social addition is slated to be just that-- an addition to Google's current applications rather than serve as a full-fledged, standalone website.

As seen in the screenshot, Google +1 replaces the current toolbar stretched across all Google applications. At first glace Google has merely cleaned up the text, however a new "Loop" feature has been added, the search engine giant's term for "groups." TechCrunch reports that one source witnessed a Google employee's iPhone with a "Loop" app installed (Google Loop?); it reportedly looked similar to Facebook but had large portions that were still in development at the time.

According to the image, the right side of Google’s standard toolbar has been completely overhauled to accommodate the new Google +1 social components. Now there's a Share button, a section for a Google account icon and a section dedicated for the user's Google username. Next to that, it's unclear as to what the number represents, however the Settings menu link has been replaced by a spiffy new icon.

Naturally despite the screenshot, Google has nothing new to add at this time. "We’re always experimenting with new ways to improve our products, and we have already confirmed that we are focused on incorporating social elements across Google," a Google spokesperson said, echoing a similar statement made weeks ago. "But we have nothing new to announce at this time.”

Google +1 is expected to launch sometime early next year.