Google May Open Retail Stores Focused on Glass

An unnamed source told BusinessInsider that Google is planning to open retail stores focused on its Google Glass Internet-connected specs. This source, sketchy as it sounds, knows someone who is working at Google specifically to develop the retail chain. This supposed Google employee even answers to Segey Brin himself to plot the retail rollout.

This isn't the first talk of Google opening a brick-and-mortar chain to sell its own products. The move to go retail would make sense given that Microsoft and Apple have their own retail outlets, but this is the first report claiming that stores will focus on one specific product rather than an entire portfolio of gadgets. As BusinessInsider points out, this comes from a second-hand source, so treat the info with some caution.

If anything, Google may be gearing up to launch something similar to what Samsung has done with Best Buy: create a store within a store. However, the source claims that the supposed stand-alone Glass stores will put the Glass brand front and center, and will even get customers set up before they walk back out the door.

"We think there's a good chance it's real," the report states. "We trust the person we talked to. And the more you look at how Google is rolling out Glass, the more it makes sense."

BusinessInsider also points out that Glass is new technology – it has a steep learning curve. Glass also requires being- customized to fit on each person's head. If it's not properly fitted to the user's skull, it's difficult to understand because it uses bone-induction to deliver audio. That's reportedly why early adopters in the Explorer program were required to travel to specific destinations to get their Glass units.

If that's the case, then yeah, a fully-focused Glass shop might be what's needed. "We had Glass in the office, and people struggled to figure it out on their own when trying it on," the report adds. "Google seems to realize people need Glass training."

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently said that the consumer version won't arrive until the end of 2Q14, giving the company a whole year to tweak the specs to perfection and possibly launch the rumored dedicated stores.

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  • cats_Paw
    Glasses that require training, now we are talking :D.
    But this will go so fast into "I have my privacy" mode that i would not be surprised if the product never makes it to the market.
  • bambiboom
    __In my view, Google Glass is one of those great technological ideas born of the tendency to develop something only because it's possible. After an initial novelty factor, the users of Glass will be relatively specialized > law enforcement would seem to be the prime user, along with researchers and scientists.
    __An odd social backlash due to privacy issues and governmental issues for example distraction while driving has begun a year before the device goes on sale. they'll be banned in bars and restaurants and while driving. I've seen a number of commentators- well, only thirty or forty expressing sentiments to the effect that Google Glass users in public should expect punches in the face! The paranoia crowd has been likewise quick to point out that with Google Glass, the police will be able to know exactly where you are at all times and through the magic of GPS- how fast you're driving.
    __My speculation is that for quite a long while, wearable computers, especially those that include anything resembling surveillance cameras, such as Google Glass will place users into the class of suspicious persons occupied by the gizmo-nerds, the home-paramilitary, stalkers, and dangerous loners.
    __Google's dreams of massive consumer sales in retail stores may be "premature".
  • g00fysmiley
    ... where do i put in an application for employment >_<