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These Glasses Keep Your Eyes Moisturized

After spending countless hours slaving away at your work PC, or pwning noobs in WoW and CoD, your eyes are probably fairly strained, especially if you are doing so with a large, high-resolution display. In these cases, taking a break or grabbing some eye drops could provide some relief, but sometimes you just can't be bothered to get out of your chair. Thanks to Japanese eyewear maker J!NS, there may be a perfect solution on the way.

Dubbed the J!NS Moisture, these glasses feature an innovative water reservoir on each side of the frame, keeping your eyes moisturized with water or your preferred eye drop solution. A single filling can keep your eyes moisturized for up to 2 hours. When the fluid inside the reservoirs run out, the glasses still function as a regular pair of glasses, so there's no urgent need to go and refill them every couple of hours.

Expected to ship in October, the J!NS Moisture glasses will retail for ¥3,990, or approximately $50. In addition to the Moisture glasses, J!NS will also be releasing the PC model, which features special lenses that reduce the glare and straining effects of a computer screen.