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Bill Gates Praises Steve Jobs: Jobs Saved Apple

Did hell freeze over? No, that's just Bill Gates giving Apple co-founder Steve Jobs something called a compliment according to AppleInsider. It does happen in the industry once in a while, sometimes in the form of a legal settlement. But you have to admit: it's good to see former buddies in good graces after such a long, competitive run.

Thursday night Gates appeared on CNBC's program entitled "Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: Keeping America Great" (sorry, we're not responsible for the cheese). The program consisted of a Q&A session with the two men, using questions coughed up by members in the audience. during the session, one member asked Gates what his thoughts were on Jobs and his performance as CEO of Apple.

Gates was more than positive evidently. "Well, he's done a fantastic job," Gates said. "Apple is in a bit of a different business where they make hardware and software together. But when Steve was coming back to Apple, which was actually through an acquisition of NeXT that he ran, Apple was in very tough shape. In fact, most likely it wasn't going to survive."

The pleasantries didn't stop there. "And he brought in a team, he brought in inspiration about great products and design that's made Apple back into being an incredible force in doing good things," Gates added. "And it's great to have competitors like that. We write software for Apple, Microsoft does. They compete with Apple. But he, of all the leaders in the industry that I've worked with, he showed more inspiration and he saved the company."

Someone get us a hankie... what a tender moment... (sniff)

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