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Facebook Working on Music Service ''Vibes?''

Programmer Jeff Rose reportedly went digging around in Facebook's new video chatting app after its launch on Thursday. Specifically, he wanted to know how the new app worked in conjunction with his own Skype installation: did the FacebookvideoCalling.jar file used his pre-installed Skype, did it install a second copy, or was Facebook bundling the Skype protocols in a library? After discovering how the installer worked, he also came across a piece of code that references to a music download app called "Facebook Vibes."

"The video chat plugin, called peep, is what is downloaded now," he reports in a blog. "At some point in the future they seem to be prepared to download another app though, called Facebook Vibes. I searched around to see what this is all about, and it seems that this is an unannounced feature that has yet to be released. The vibes app connects with a music download dialog in the page though, so I’m guessing that with this release we are seeing the seeds for Facebook’s upcoming music offering."

Here's the actual code in question:

      if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.peep"))

        return this.window.getMember("VideoChatPlugin");

      if (paramString.equals("com.facebook.vibes")) {

        return this.window.getMember("MusicDownloadDialog");


There's speculation that this unannounced Vibes app may be connected with Facebook’s self-described ensuing "launch season," and with the announcement that Swedish music streaming service Spotify is launching here in the States soon. "The award-winning music service that's taken Europe by storm will soon be landing on US shores," the announcement said Thursday. "Millions of tracks ready to play instantly, on your computer and your phone."

Talk of a Facebook music service powered by Spotify first appeared back in May. Forbes said that the integrated service was going through testing at the time, but would eventually appear as a Spotify icon sitting perched on the left side of the newsfeed along with the current icons for photos, events and others.

"Clicking on the Spotify icon will install the service on their desktop in the background, and also allow users to play from Spotify’s library of millions of songs through Facebook," Forbes said. "The service will include a function that lets Facebook users listen to music simultaneously with their friends over the social network."

There's speculation that Facebook's music service is already in place and ready to launch, but was waiting for Spotify to finalize its deals with record companies. Spotify will reportedly offer two services: an ad-free premium plan costing $9.99 per month and a cheaper unlimited plan for $4.99 per month.