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Trapped Kids Update Facebook, Not Police

If your head is on fire and you're starting to resemble Ghost Rider, who do you call? 911? Apparently, two young South Australian girls didn't have that same kind of mindset once they found themselves trapped in a storm water drain. Rather, the 10- and 12-year old girls from Adelaide, Australia--somewhere in a drain located on Honeypot Road--decided to update their Facebook pages instead of dialing 000 (their 911 equivalent, apparently).

The girls became lost on Sunday night and revised their Facebook status relaying their location from a mobile phone in Adelaide's southern suburbs. Luckily for the girls, a friend was online at the same time, and reported their whereabouts to the local police and fire department. The recent issue has now raised concerns for Glenn Benham of the Metropolitan Fire Service.

"It is a worry for us because it causes a delay on us being able to rescue the girls," he told ABC News. "If they were able to access Facebook from their mobile phones, they could have called 000, so the point being they could have called us directly and we could have got there quicker than relying on someone being online and replying to them and eventually having to call us via 000 anyway."

According to a recent report, using Facebook actually improves the end-user's "working memory." However, replacing 911 with the social website's toolset isn't the best idea in any emergency situation.