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Gymbot Personal Trainer Whips You Into Shape

In countries all around the world, the health of the populace is always a growing concern -- Especially for the United States, as more and more individuals are showing less care for their body by participating in a fast food diet and skipping out on much needed exercise. Even those who are aware of the problem tend to be misled on how to remedy it, or simply lack the willpower needed to maintain a healthy gym routine to keep their growing waistline in check.

If you find yourself lacking the willpower to keep up a healthy exercise routine, you may find yourself in need of the Gymbot Personal Trainer. This concept takes the personal trainer idea and turns it up fifty notches by providing an intimidating robot trainer that watches your every move. Nothing like the fear of a massive angry robot to get your blood pumping!

The Gymbot Personal Trainer robot remains with you throughout the day to keep you making responsible decisions about your health, from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, eating that salad instead of that combo burger meal, telling you to work out and what work out will best benefit you, and even show you how to do it.

Luckily for all of us lazy folks, the Gymbot is just a concept that probably won't come to fruition any time soon unless robot operation and production costs magically plummet in the near future.