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Emergency Vending Machine Uses Hand-Crank for Power

Futuristic vending machines from Japan certainly aren't anything new. There are machines that put faces in your coffee, wifi-dispensing machines, transparent displays and more. What you might not expect is that there are vending machines that take a step backwards in technology, on purpose of course. This emergency vending machine uses a hand-crank for power in the event of an emergency.

Although you still have to pay for your drink, cranking the machine 70 times gives it enough juice to power up and dispense six to seven drinks. The idea behind the machine is great and all, but we can't help but wonder what the mentality of 'customers' will be in the event of a serious emergency. First of all, you may be injured enough that 70 cranks is an impossible task. Secondly, is paying the machine really so important in a life or death situation?