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Duke Nukem 3D On, then Pulled from iTunes

Last month Machineworks Northwest quietly launched 3D Realm's classic shooter Duke Nukem 3D on Apple's App Store (link). After finally realizing its release and downloading the game last night, the iPhone / iPod Touch port proved that old-school FPS games--ones that reigned on the PC back in the late 90's--can still prove to be entertaining and run extremely well on Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch hardware.

Unfortunately, while the game looked, played, and sounded like the classic Duke we've come to love (the old-school gamers, that is), the controls weren't so great, and according to the comments left by "reviewers," they were simply awful. The app offers two controller variations: digital and analog, both extremely difficult to use and just a finicky as a wild cat. There was some glimmer of hope that maybe the team behind this port would overhaul the controls in an upcoming patch, however now it looks as if that won't happen.

After loading up iTunes on both the PC and iPod Touch just an hour ago, it seems that Duke Nukem 3D is no longer up for sale. In fact, searching for the title only brings up the premium and free Duke Nukem Soundboards. The application was indeed on iTunes earlier today, however Apple has not provided any information as to why the game is no longer listed in the App Store. Machineworks also does not provide information.

It wouldn't be surprising if Apple discovered something "offensive" with the game and decided to pull it. In the little bit we played, the game provided the same phrases found in the PC version all the while not indicating to the end-user that it contains inappropriate material for younger players. Heck, maybe the team decided to revamp the entire game and implement a new control scheme. We'll see.

  • Duke's not worried. He's got balls of steel.
  • alvine
    balls of steel!
  • Regulas
    Let me guess, "Shake it baby".
  • zerapio
    Regulas beat me to it :)
  • maigo
    refuned or what?
  • megamanx00
    I wonder if fixing the the control scheme will take


  • NuclearShadow
    If apple did pull it (and perhaps put it back as ie49589 claims it is back) it wouldn't be a surprise. I'm not even sure why Apple does this as they freely allow games that can easily be considered offensive on the Mac so why are handheld devices any different? It reminds me of their 1984 commercial way back and how they are really starting to become what they claim they were opposed to.
  • backbydemand
    Why buy it?

    Download the Hi-Res version for free for playing as originally intended

    On your PC
  • ssddx
    ...because many people use their phone as a portable gaming device on flights, while waiting on someone, or on break. Why play simple games like tetris when you can play duke?
  • Titanius
    Hail to the King, baby!