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Apple Adding DisplayPort to Future Mobile Devices?

AppleInsider came across an Apple job posting that seemingly indicates support for the DisplayPort interface is in the works for future iOS-based hardware. The feature is listed as one of the core experience points needed for a currently-vacant full-time Signal Integrity Manager position.

A signal integrity engineer balances the noise emitted by chips and circuit boards so that they don't overpower the device's data signals.

"The Signal Integrity Manager needs to have extensive experience in mobile product board designs, SI expertise in Serial links (such as DisplayPort) as well as parallel bus standards (such as LPDDR2 interface), and power integrity at package level and as well as board level," the listing reads.

According to Apple, the company is "looking to hiring a Signal Integrity and power integrity manager in a group at Apple that develops SOCs that will be used in Apple mobile devices." Put two an two together, and it seems that Apple may be integrating DisplayPort support into the next SOC, the unannounced A6.

Currently iOS devices support the older, composite VGA while only the iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2 supports digital parallel HDMI video. But by adding DisplayPort, future devices will be able to connect to modern displays including Apple's own Thunderbolt Cinema Screen. Unfortunately, consumers may not see this addition until the iPad 3 possibly makes its debut next year, as the job listing indicates that the iPhone 5 will be released long before DisplayPort integration begins.

For those interested in Apple's job listing, the ideal candidate should have experience in the actual product package/board design and analysis, PI/SI methodology development, and lab correlation/validation of the simulation results. Technical management of a team is required in addition to 10+ years of experience with at least 2 in leading a small team. For more information, head here.