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Dell Quietly Discontinues the Streak 5 MID

Dell's Streak 5 was one of those 'worst kept secret' devices. Between leaked pictures and videos, the mini-tablet barely needed an official unveiling at all. Dell used CES to debut the device, though, and it made quite a splash. The company's decision to go with a 5-inch display meant that the Streak 5 awkwardly straddled both the smartphone and tablet categories. However, it seems the company has lost interest in the Streak 5, as a goodbye banner posted on its official site indicates that it's been axed.

Those that purchased the Streak 5 in the year-or-so that it was available for purchase can still purchase accessories through Dell. The Streak 7 is still available on Dell's website and appears to be safe for now. Though Dell hasn't commented on the discontinuation of the Streak 5, so we don't really know what the company is thinking.

Let us know if you bought the original Streak 5 and what you think of it.