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PICTURED: Darth Vader Robbing Long Island Bank

So an evil Sith Lord walks into a bank and he says to the teller, he says, "My Tie Fighter is parked outside and she's basically running on empty. Be a dear and fill up the bags with bundles of money that isn't rightfully mine so I can fill up the tank and be on my way?"

At least, that's how I'm assuming it went down, because when you're dressed as Darth Vader and brandishing a handgun, there's probably not a lot of people who'll say no to you. Gothamist reports that a man in a cape and Darth Vader mask entered a Chase bank branch in Setauket at around 11:30 a.m. yesterday. He walked up to the teller and demanded cash. As soon as he'd gotten all the money from the drawer, he fled east through the carpark of the bank.

According to CNN, the 6-foot caped criminal has yet to be apprehended and Suffolk County police are still searching for him.

  • atdhe
    You wanna rob a bank? Do it in style... :D
  • jakes69
    poor choice of weapon....should have used the lightsaber.
  • tychoblu
    Vader shot first.
    lol this is hilarious
  • fyasko
    the "real" vader would have force-lifted the vault and force-choked the teller named luke. "luke, I am your robber"
  • ta152h
    I wouldn't want to be the one to call the police.

    "Hello, Police Department".

    "Hi, we've just been robbed by Darth Vadar".

  • 1971Rhino
    Replacing 2 Death Star's ain't cheap!
  • fayzaan
    greghomei THINK we I rob a bank, Im gonna do it in a Homer Simpsons Custom
    Buddyy! then they'll think your stupid and smash your head with a stapler!! hahaha

    This was a good idea, who would question darth vader! rofl!! this is epic.

    I like the above comments! they make me LOL!!
  • 1971Rhino
    How else is he gonna pay Yoda for Luke's unfinished "Jedi lessons"?
  • marcusmurphy
    greghomeYour right, I think Obama mask would be a better solution, besides he's the president.Or maybe Michael Jackson, no one would dare to kill something that came out of the ThrillerC'mon, everyone knows that ninjas are the best bank robbers. Please...