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Life Made Easy: Solar-Powered Remote Control Lawn Mower

Despite what the age old idiom stating dogs are man's best friend says, we can't help but notice how quickly technology is gearing up to fill that role. Seeing as how humanity is becoming increasingly lazy thanks to technological innovations, technology may even become a necessity rather than the convenience it is. Take this solar powered electric lawn mower for example.

Created by inventor coder Robert Smith, the Solar Charged RC Electric Lawn Mower (SCRCELM) is a DIY project that transforms a traditional lawn mower into into a much more convenient and environmentally friendly version. With the inconveniently named SCRCELM, users will be able to mow their lawns from the comforts of their air conditioned homes.

Luckily for anybody concerned this device could make somebody lazier than they currently are, the project is probably far too troublesome for such a person to undertake, but if you're up for the challenge, head on over to Smith's website for all of the necessary details for creating your very own.