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Coca Cola Vending Machine Trades Sodas for Hugs

National University of Singapore and Coca-Cola have teamed up to flex their creative biceps with their new machine on site--a hug machine. Since 2009, the company has been enacting a campaign to improve morale in various places around the globe. This particular machine gave an alternative to the normal insert money, remove drink routine by inviting users to "hug" it.

Quite literally, giving the machine a hug rewards the individual to the tune of a free Coca-Cola beverage (typically a Coke). At times, even multiple users were seen hugging the machine and, ultimately, each other. Other "Happiness Machines" sighted around the world have different terms, such as one that gives two drinks out provided a friend is there to assist you in acquiring them (called the “Friendship Machine”), or others that even distributed flowers, balloons, beach toys, and accessories/clothing (depending on the locale).

The idea behind these “Happiness Machines” is to spread the message of creativity while simultaneously giving back to the community. This would definitely be one of the more creative marketing tricks we've come across, seeing as how a small act of kindness can brighten anyone’s day around the world.